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Chicago PD

Weeknights 9p

Jan. 18 at 9pm
'Reform' HD

The district is in a state of change - Lindsay has moved to New York- and the CPD is under scrutiny about the corrupt nature of its institution. Under the watchful eye of the city, the team attempts to bust a gun deal that quickly turns dicey when innocent civilians and children get involved. Tension erupts when Chief Lugo brings in Denny Woods to review the shootout, and Halstead becomes a key player in the outcome of the case. 

Jan. 20 at 2am
'Get My Cigarettes' HD

Intelligence begins to look into a string of murders where the victims have a dollar bill pinned to their chests. Thanks to some digging by Ruzek, Voight learns his friend was involved in some shady business dealings. Antonio and Halstead follow-up on some leads that help focus in on the culprit and motives for the murders. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman investigate a series of house break-ins and get some help from Desk Sgt. Platt. 

Jan. 20 at 2am
'They’ll Have to go Through Me' HD

SVU Detective Travel to Chicago to Help Intelligence Take Down a Pedophilia Ring at Its Source—The final part of the crossover event finds our intelligence unit joined by detectives from New York’s special victims unit to help solve the pedophile ring case. Ruzek and Det. Amaro (guest star Danny Pino) along with Halstead and Antonio continue to hunt for the link to foster care and child trafficking. Meanwhile Burgess and Roman try to find the shooter from the hospital after using surveillance footage to identify him. Platt shows her deep respect for police and the dangerous work they do by honoring their fallen brother.

Jan. 20 at 8pm
'The Weigh Station' HD

The bounty on Halstead’s head becomes a serious reality as an innocent bartender takes a bullet meant for him. Olinsky tries to reason with Bembenek to call off the hit, to no avail. Voight and the team keep this investigation in-house to find the hired assassin. Meanwhile, after a tense interaction at district Platt and Nadia come to an understanding. 

Jan. 20 at 8pm
'Assignment of the Year' HD

Intelligence Workds the Case of a Wealthy Diamond Dealer Gunned Down—While Antonio continues his off-duty security job for Asher and Layla, Asher is killed. Voight and Olinsky make sure Antonio is covered. While they work the case Halstead and Lindsay go undercover in a rather uncomfortable location. Kot shows up to ask Lindsay for an answer.

Jan. 20 at 9pm
'Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw' HD

Two teenage girls have gone missing and the team knows the clock is ticking to find them. Halstead, Antonio, and Lindsay investigate a tenement which gives them a much-needed lead. Voight brings the father of one of the girls to the district in order to get some honest answers. Meanwhile, Platt puts Roman and Burgess on gun buy-back duty where they ask questions when they aren’t supposed to. 

Jan. 20 at 9pm
'Called in Dead' HD

A Major Heroin Bust Puts Olinsky's Family in Danger. Lindsay Makes a Life-Changing Career Decision—A friend of Nadia’s leads the intelligence unit to a huge heroin bust. Unfortunately, this bust results in Olinsky arriving home to find the suspects are holding his wife. Voight and the team think they’ve found a common thread with the suspects but it’s not who they think. Meanwhile Burgess and Roman are given an assignment where they get paired with a K-9 officer, Jenn Cassidy who is Roman’s former partner and girlfriend.

Jan. 21 at 3am
'An Honest Woman' HD

While trying to help out Olive Voight is attacked and taken. When he doesn’t show for work the team gets suspicious and begin investigating. Ruzek and Atwater prove they do belong on the team when they demonstrate smarts and savvy tracking down a lead that will hopefully bring them to Voight. Meanwhile Burgess and Roman are trying to track down a girl who has run off with a police badge. 

Jan. 21 at 3am
'Shouldn’t Have Been Alone' HD

A Routine Check On a Potential Terrorist Threat Puts Burgess in the Hospital and Intelligence on the Case of a Well-Planned Series of Related Crimes—With Burgess in the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds, the intelligence team is determined to find the people responsible. Lindsay delays her start so she can help with this case. A search of the house provides a lead and when a bomb is triggered a key suspect is found. Meanwhile, the team takes turns watching over Burgess. Voight informs Burgess of a new opportunity that this affords her.

Jan. 21 at 4am
'Prison Ball' HD

Following the death of a 10-year old girl the intelligence unit has one option to gain access to their suspect, go on the inside. Ruzek and Atwater act as inmates to work the case from the inside. Outside prison, Voight and Olinsky follow-up on a good lead to answer some questions about the shooting. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman show three boys around district thinking they are part of the Police Explorers program, only to realize that’s not quite the case. 

Jan. 21 at 4am
'We Don’t Work Together Anymore' HD

Intelligence Comes to the Aid if the Feds in an Operation to Take Down a Drug Cartel at Its Source—Lindsay (Sophia Bush) has her first case with the task force and realizes she needs to call on Voight and the Intelligence unit to assist. Meanwhile, Burgess is back on the job but relegated to desk duty which allows Desk Sgt. Platt the opportunity to partner up with Roman.

Jan. 21 at 9pm
'The Thing About Heroes' HD

After a van explodes during a Chicago street festival, a Muslim patrol officer Frank Toma goes missing and evidence quickly piles up pointing to his involvement. Burgess—who helped train Toma—is desperate to prove his innocence, even if that means going against her superiors. 

About the Show

From Emmy®-winning producer Dick Wolf and the team behind Chicago Fire comes Chicago PD, a gripping police drama about those who put it all on the line to serve and protect. District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups: The uniformed cops who patrol the beat and deal with street crimes, and the intelligence unit, the team that combats the city’s major offenses, such as organized crime, drug trafficking, and high-profile murders. Leading the intelligence team is Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), a man not against skirting the law in the pursuit of justice. Demanding and tough, only those who can take the heat survive under Voight’s command. Despite a troubled history with his boss, Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) has ambitions of running the unit. If that means facing off against Voight every day, he’ll persevere. From the street cops with dreams of moving up to the elite crew who are already in, “life on the job” is a daily challenge.