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Feb. 26 at 5:30pm
'Goldbergs Never Say Die!' HD

Having grown tired of Adam’s obsession with The Goonies, Barry and Erica team up to pull off a mean-spirited practical joke. Even though Barry and Erica apologize, Adam refuses to forgive them and threatens to even the score by releasing some embarrassing videos to their friends at school.

Feb. 26 at 7pm
'Crazy Calls' HD

Adam quickly realizes that navigating the social hierarchy of the lunch room is troublesome—until he discovers that Michael C. Levy and Michael Z. Levy playing their favorite games in the computer lab during lunch. Meanwhile, after realizing that he’s been missing a lot of phone messages, Murray buys an answering machine. However, the new gadget launches Murray into a message war with his father.

Feb. 27 at 5:30pm
'Lame Gretzky' HD

Because hockey is a time-honored tradition for the Goldberg clan, Murray wants Adam to learn to play. Though he isn’t interested, Adam fakes some enthusiasm to please his dad. But when a Junior Peewee League game ends with Adam scoring a goal for the other team, Pops encourages Murray to try bonding over something his son actually likes to do.

Feb. 27 at 7pm
'Stefan King' HD

Inspired by novelist Stephen King, Adam writes a horror story featuring an overbearing mother called Veeberly. Despite Adam’s efforts to keep his work-in-progress under wraps, Beverly stumbles upon it and, unable to recognize that she’s the monster, gives it to her book club. Jealous of Geoff and Evy’s date to the Halloween dance, Erica claims that she is going with Lainey’s older cousin, Nate.

Feb. 28 at 5:30pm
'For Your Own Good' HD

If nothing else, Murray Goldberg is a creature of habit who doesn’t like change. So for years, Beverly has been replacing his worn-out shoes, trimming his nose hair and even serving him low-fat cream cheese, all without him knowing it. But when she switches his favorite chair for a new one without asking, war breaks out in the Goldberg home.

Feb. 28 at 7pm
'Recipe For Death II: Kiss The Cook' HD

Adam is surprised when Murray gives him money for a homemade action movie. However, upon seeing what his $80 paid for, Murray is disappointed. So when Adam says that it will take a much larger budget to meet his demanding standards, Murray borrows his cousin’s professional filmmaking equipment for him to use. Erica invites Beverly on a mother-daughter shopping trip. While Erica has something from Benetton in mind, Beverly insists they shop at Gimbels.

Mar. 1 at 6:30pm
'Ho-ly K.I.T.T.' HD

Thanksgiving finds Murray and his brother fighting over their Knight Rider fandom. Meanwhile, things in the kitchen heat-up as Beverly and Bill Lewis begin a turkey cook-off.

Mar. 1 at 7:30pm
'The Greatest Musical Ever Written' HD

Barry objects when Adam and Lainey are cast as lovers in the school’s production of Phantom of the Opera. Beverly uses her position as a substitute teacher to make sure that Erica can’t coast through her senior year.

Mar. 2 at 5:30pm
'The President’s Fitness Test' HD

While Adam already hates PE, nothing has prepared him for the upcoming Presidential Fitness Test. Though he knows there’s no way he can do pull-ups for the boys’ test, he’s even more horrified that the alternative is being tested with the girls. Meanwhile, when Barry asks for help wooing Erica's French pen pal, Fanny, she decides to have some fun at his expense.

Mar. 2 at 7pm
'Globetrotters' HD

When Barry is too sick to go, Murray insists that Adam take his ticket to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Though Adam tries to get out of it, once he sees how hilarious they are, he’s sold on basketball. So when Barry tells him and his friends to stop mimicking the Globetrotters, Adam challenges him to a game that will determine who can claim the team as their own. Though Barry wins, Adam gets some private revenge by editing the video of the game to look like his team won. But after the embarrassing tape gets around school, Barry bans Adam from doing anything he’s also interested in. 

Mar. 3 at 5:30pm
'You’re Not Invited' HD

Adam plans to invite Dana to his laser-tag birthday party, but Barry thinks the game is juvenile and persuades Adam to host a make-out party in the basement instead. When Beverly finds out about the gathering, she tries to get Murray to intervene. Elsewhere, Pops and Murray get caught up watching the opening of Al Capone's safe on TV.

Mar. 3 at 7pm
'Han Ukkah Solo' HD

During a rehearsal for the school’s annual holiday concert, Ms. Cinoman expects Erica to solo in “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” – which is news to her. After she sees the sign-up sheet with her name on it, Erica suspects the work of her mother. When confronted, Beverly insists that Erica has to sing something, if only because Pops lives for her annual Hanukkah solo. But when she and Ms. Cinoman can’t come up with a different song and their only alternative is one that Barry wrote, Erica agrees to compose another one herself. Meanwhile, Adam’s disappointment with a bootleg version of the Star Wars Holiday Special causes him to lose his childlike sense of wonder.

About the Show

In the not-too-distant 1980s, a young boy armed with a video camera chronicles the lives of his loving yet chaotic family. With an overprotective mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey), a gruff but caring dad (Jeff Garlin) and a lovable lothario of a grandpa (George Segal), Adam (Sean Giambrone) and his siblings Barry (Troy Gentile) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) come of age in a time when the Internet was just a dream, the VCR ruled the world and there was a power ballad for every occasion.