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The Goldbergs

Weeknights 5:30 & 7p, Sun 6:30 & 7:30p

Jul. 2 at 7pm
'The Hooters' HD

As Adam and Murray square off over his plans to pursue a career in comedy, Beverly and Geoff worry that college is making Erica a pretentious snob.

Jul. 3 at 5:30pm
'So Swayze It’s Crazy' HD

Beverly is on a mission to transform Adam into a teenage heartthrob after a local kid talent agent insists he's only right for nerd roles. Meanwhile, Barry decides to go punk and Murray attempts to become more involved in Erica's life, but it backfires.

Jul. 3 at 7pm
'Hail Barry' HD

Barry looks to secure a spot on the high school football team while Beverly struggles to find a new career.

Jul. 5 at 6:30pm
'Adam Spielberg' HD

As Adam sets out to create a sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Barry bets he can convince Murray that he’s found the best Philly cheesesteak.

Jul. 5 at 7:30pm
'The Scrunchie Rule' HD

As Erica and her roommate seek outside help in their escalating arguments over their dorm room, Beverly’s concerns about being an empty nester lead her to take extreme measures.

Jul. 6 at 5:30pm
'The Kara-te Kid' HD

An homage to the movie "The Karate Kid" finds Adam preparing to settle his long-standing feud with the other Adam Goldberg once and for all. As part of his training, he and Barry end up cleaning their Uncle Marvin's apartment. Meanwhile, Erica and Geoff take some heat for their new relationship.

Jul. 6 at 7pm
'Colors' HD

As Barry and the JTP engage Beverly and her friends in a turf war for control of the backyard, Adam sets out to sell Murray on musical theater.

Jul. 7 at 5:30pm
'Deadheads' HD

Barry feels threatened when school deadhead Matt starts hanging out with the JTP; and Beverly decides to start a family swear jar after she hears Adam use a curse word.

Jul. 7 at 7pm
'MTV Spring Break' HD

As Barry and Erica visit Pops’ timeshare in Florida to celebrate MTV Spring Break, Adam hopes to be treated like an adult after he confesses to destroying Beverly’s new fur coat.

Jul. 8 at 5:30pm
'Baré' HD

As Beverly struggles with the prospect of not being a doctor’s mom, Barry announces he’s staying with Lainey and going to Savannah to study fashion design. Forced to suffer through a fashion show of his new clothing line, Beverly asks Lainey break up with him in order to preserve their med school dreams. Meanwhile, as Murray and Erica are arguing over their relationship, Lucky runs away.

Jul. 8 at 7pm
'Flashy Little Flashdancer' HD

As Beverly’s Flashdance-inspired dance routine fails to impress her family, Adam worries about losing his friend Emmy to a handsome older classmate.

Jul. 9 at 5:30pm
'A Night To Remember' HD

Though Beverly is hesitant to let Adam go to prom with an older girl, she agrees to consider giving her permission if she can meet Jackie first. After finding the Cliffs Notes hidden in Adam’s room, she immediately assumes it is a tawdry book that Jackie is using to seduce him. So when she confronts Jackie, Beverly unwittingly exposes Adam’s ruse and leaves him without a date. 

About the Show

In the not-too-distant 1980s, a young boy armed with a video camera chronicles the lives of his loving yet chaotic family. With an overprotective mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey), a gruff but caring dad (Jeff Garlin) and a lovable lothario of a grandpa (George Segal), Adam (Sean Giambrone) and his siblings Barry (Troy Gentile) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) come of age in a time when the Internet was just a dream, the VCR ruled the world and there was a power ballad for every occasion.