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Feb. 28 at 11am New
'Shocking Tales From People Who Died And Came Back: What They Saw' HD

We investigate shocking visions and aftereffects of near-death experiences. Can brushes with death give you the ability to communicate with the other side? Women share stories of how their sixth sense opened up after they nearly died. Plus, celebrity OB-GYN and star of Married to Medicine answers questions you are too embarrassed to ask your own doctor.

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Capitalizing on his widespread popularity as the premiere health expert, Dr. Mehmet C. Oz ventures to new television heights with his own multi-topic, multi-segment health and wellness talk show series, The Dr. Oz Show, now in its 11th season. The Dr. Oz Show offers topical newsworthy information and inspiring stories in an upbeat and entertaining format, all from Dr. Oz's unique point of view. Supported by leading experts in their fields, Dr. Oz empowers viewers by providing cutting edge information on important topics, ranging from weight loss, nutrition and staying young to relationships, sex and handling conflict and stress.