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Jul. 3 at 12pm
'Woman Caught Breaking into Botox Clinic! Lady Gaga’s Solution to the Perfect Winged Eyeliner!' HD

A woman is caught on camera breaking into a botox clinic -- with a power saw! Man faces 10 years in jail for divorcing his wife… without her knowledge! New study suggests IUD can lower ovarian cancer risk by 32 percent! Buzz or Bust: Lady Gaga’s solution to the perfect winged eyeliner! Singer who nearly died from pulmonary arterial hypertension shares her journey and debuts a new song!

Jul. 6 at 12pm
'The Doctors Investigate: The Cannabis Café! Mom Bans Kid’s Screen Time! Protein Made of Air?' HD

The Doctors Investigation team pays a visit to the nation’s first cannabis café! The shocking story of a 21-year-old woman who decided to remove her stomach to prevent cancer! Could a month-long screen ban for your kids work? Is it possible to make proteins out of thin air?

Jul. 7 at 12pm
'Homeopathy Hope or Hype? Copper to Cut a Cold? Game of Thrones Star’s 17,000 Calorie Cheat Meal!' HD

The Doctors investigation into the homeopathy industry! Do online hypothyroid remedies really work? Can copper help a cold? Innovative school program to reverse peer pressure. Game of Thrones star’s 17,000 calorie cheat meal! A new way to sneak in a workout! A beauty treatment to remove stretch marks goes dangerously wrong! Health benefits of marshmallow root!

Jul. 8 at 12pm
'The Doctors Investigate: Maternal Mortality in America! DailyMailTV’s Jesse Palmer! Weight Loss Surgery Lowers Risk of Early Death?' HD

American women are more likely to die during childbirth than women in third world countries! Dr. Travis sits down with DailyMailTV’s Jesse Palmer to talk about finding love! A new study claims that weight loss surgery may prevent an early death or heart attack! High school students in Iowa are earing PE credit by doing yard work for elderly and disabled community members! A doctor’s shot of health that will help you take care of your heart!

Jul. 9 at 12pm
'Death by Gender Reveal Party? Measles Clap Back! Actress Meagan Good’s Eyebrow Transplant; Nature’s Retinol!' HD

The disturbing and dangerous side of gender reveal parties. The Doctors claps back at anti-vaccine lies. Actress Meagan Good reveals her eyebrow transplant transformation. Foot wart nearly kills woman. Fitness trends to get the perfect peach booty! A non-irritating form of retinol! Make a scab heal faster!

Jul. 10 at 12pm
'Country Singer Battles Debilitating Brain Disorder; Drs. #DropTheSugar Challenge Checkup! World’s Oldest Mom at 75?' HD

The Doctors Exclusive: Country music artist Drake White collapses on stage from rare brain disorder! Check-in of our Drs. #DropTheSugar Challenge! 75-year-old woman claims to be oldest mom in the world! Seth Rogen’s mom becomes Twitter celeb for her honest sex tweets!

About the Show

Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors is in it's 12th season, weekdays at 12p on WBNX-TV.

The hour-long syndicated program has offered the most timely, topical and practical health, wellness and lifestyle information on daytime television in 12 seasons and counting.

Hosted by ER physician and best-selling author Dr. Travis Stork, along with co-hosts plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra. The Doctors delves into real-life stories and celebrity exclusives and provides sought after answers, interventions, and care.

The Doctors has been recognized for excellence with the Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative in 2010 and has been nominated six times in the category. The co-hosts received consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2011 and 2012. 

The show has received numerous accolades from the medical community, including the Crystal Cross Humanitarian Award from the American Red Cross and a PRISM Award.