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Mar. 22 at 11am
'THE DOCTORS Checkup: Amazing Skin Removal Surgery!' HD

THE DOCTORS checks in with a Season 10 guest who dropped over 300 pounds naturally after he received one of the most graphic skin removal surgeries ever! How is he doing today and what weight-loss advice does he have? Good & Cheap author teaches us how to eat healthy for four dollars a day! Controversial study claims women should have shorter workweeks than men? What do our hosts think? Smartphone notifications aren’t just annoying – they might be messing up your brain permanently!

Mar. 25 at 11am
'Mom Defends Weighing Her 6 Year-Old Daughter Daily?' HD

A mom is under fire for weighing her 6-year-old daughter every single day after she’s bullied for her weight! Is this mom doing the right thing the wrong way? Plus, the controversy over using marijuana for pain relief in the NFL continues! Do you think the drug should be allowed for players? Then, kids are so stressed out doing their homework they now need therapists? We discuss the new alarming trend! And, using oregano oil to stop a cold in its tracks—is it a buzz or a bust?

Mar. 26 at 11am
'Fitness Trackers for Drug Users?' HD

The dangerous trend of hacking drug use with fitness trackers! THE DOCTORS Investigate: toxic sunscreen - what you need to know for healthy sun protection! Would you take a blood test to reveal your life expectancy? The staggering amount of money Americans spend treating themselves! Internet sensation “The Fitness Marshall” drops by the studio! THE DOCTORS Exclusive: country singer and actress Jana Kramer opens up about her pregnancy struggle.

Mar. 27 at 11am
'The Ultimate Butt-Dial Fail!' HD

Could you get sued for listening in on a butt dial? Then, is legal marijuana the key to curbing the opioid crisis? Plus, an incredible triple digit transformation! Then, is makeup for men the next big beauty trend? Plus, the shocking x-rays that show how one woman’s bones vanished! Could it happen to you? Next, viewers ask THE DOCTORS their burning medical questions! Plus, could this mistake double the glycemic index of your baked potato?

Mar. 28 at 11am
'Experience Your Own Surgery Through Virtual Reality?' HD

Imagine being able to preview your own brain surgery before it happened. Well, now you can through virtual reality! See firsthand how it works through one kid’s brain! Then, can one woman’s debilitating back pain be cured? Plus, find out which of these latest fashion trends are buzzworthy or a total bust. And, the FDA is cracking down on almond milk. Are they right? Hear what THE DOCTORS thinks! Plus, there could be an answer to the fountain of youth and it involves our DNA? That’s not all; have you ever held off on paying a parking ticket? Hear how one man waited 44 years! Plus, this rather simple trick that could help you cut your risk of death early!

Mar. 29 at 11am
'The Stool Squad Answers Your Embarrassing Questions!' HD

The Stool Squad is back to answer your most embarrassing poop-related questions! Disturbing Kim Kardashian look-alike plastic surgery! Shocking celebrity beauty trend! Toddler hospitalized after using a toy makeup kit!

About the Show

Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors returns for its 11th season on Monday, September 10, 2018.

The hour-long syndicated program has offered the most timely, topical and practical health, wellness and lifestyle information on daytime television in 10 seasons and counting.

Hosted by ER physician and best-selling author Dr. Travis Stork, along with co-hosts plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra. The Doctors delves into real-life stories and celebrity exclusives and provides sought after answers, interventions, and care.

The Doctors has been recognized for excellence with the Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative in 2010 and has been nominated six times in the category. The co-hosts received consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2011 and 2012. 

The show has received numerous accolades from the medical community, including the Crystal Cross Humanitarian Award from the American Red Cross and a PRISM Award.