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May. 27 at 10am
'The Best New Restaurants in America!' HD

Today is all about the best new restaurants in America! Rach and her co-host, Jesse Palmer, get a taste of the newest hot spots—recommended by chef friends and celeb pals from all over the USA! Plus—the chefs from two of Rachael’s favorite NYC spots! And—Rach serves up a sweet and smoky spaghetti!

May. 28 at 10am
'Chef Curtis Stone' HD

Chef Curtis Stone is Rachael’s co-host today, and he’s serving up classic comfort food: chicken n’ biscuits! Plus—everyone’s favorite principal from Mean Girls is here: the hilarious Tim Meadows! And—Rach is making a hearty veggie soup…with cheddar waffle fries on the side.

May. 29 at 10am
'The Doctors Are in the House!' HD

The doctors are in the house! They’ve got the scoop on everything from the latest medical headlines to weight-loss gadgets! Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains what you can do today to prevent a heart attack! Plus—Dr. Ian Smith reveals a mirror that claims it could help you lose weight! And—Rachael’s making a red wine risotto.

May. 30 at 10am
'Stylist Stacy London' HD

Stylist Stacy London shows you how to “grab and go” with a week’s worth of clothes! And—real estate guru Ryan Serhant helps three of our viewers prep to buy and sell a home! Plus—Rachael’s serving up a cheese soufflé frittata you can make for brunch, lunch, or dinner!

May. 31 at 10am
'It’s Our Record Breaker Show!' HD

It’s our record breaker show! The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, sees how many cupcakes he can frost in one minute in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record! Plus—The Cousins John Colaneri hammers hard for his record. And—we meet wild animals that hold records of their own! Then—Rach makes a cozy grilled cheese with sundried tomato spread, and red cabbage soup.

About the Show

Don’t just talk—Taste, Touch, Do! Anyone with a huge appetite for fun is invited to take a bigger bite out of life this year with a helping of the hottest daytime show on television, Rachael Ray.

Launching the 12th season of her namesake series, Rachael Ray continues to bring her warmth and no-fuss approach to life into the homes of millions with her signature quick meals, improvised entertaining, celebrity surprises, provocative topical discussions, cutting-edge musical performances and groundbreaking features. Credited with getting America back in the kitchen with her easy approach to cooking, Rachael takes this same philosophy—finding simple solutions to everyday problems—beyond the kitchen into all aspects of the show.

At Rachael Ray, the door is always open—and this season Rachael welcomes Hollywood’s hottest to join the fun and grab some grub. Rachael’s star-studded lineup will leave you wanting more because Rachael Ray shows a side of celebrity that can’t be found anywhere else. Then, Rachael hits the kitchen to create meals to suit every taste and budget. Rachael’s easy-to-follow recipes and clever kitchen tricks turn the inexperienced novice into confident cooks.