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Rachael Ray

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Jul. 3 at 10am New
'Chef Richard Blais Creates New Dishes with Classic Cookout Leftovers! Easy, Affordable DIY Crafts for 4th of July! And, Rachael’s Ranch Fried Chicken Sandwiches!' HD

Chef Richard Blais tackles a cooking challenge to create new dishes with classic cookout leftovers! Plus – easy, affordable DIY crafts for 4th of July. And – Rachael’s ranch fried chicken sandwiches!

Jul. 6 at 10am
'Rachael is Serving Up BBQ Chicken Nachos from Her Home Kitchen! And – Grace Potter Performs!' HD

Rachael is serving up BBQ Chicken Nachos from her home kitchen! Plus – Chef Richard Blais is making meatballs with pantry staples! Then – Chef Ronnie Woo shares his at-home workout and post-exercise snack. And – Grace Potter performs!

Jul. 7 at 10am New
'People Magazine’s Jeremy Parsons Counts Down the Best Viral Celeb Moments! And – Rachael’s Meatless Version of a Classic Sauce!' HD

People Magazine’s Jeremy Parsons counts down the best viral celeb moments! Plus – a style scout’s favorite beauty products. And – Rachael’s meatless version of a classic sauce!  

Jul. 8 at 10am New
'Dr. Ian Smith Breaks Down the Facts about CBD! Then – Rachael Serves Up Pasta with Sausage, Peppers, and Broccolini!' HD

Dr. Ian Smith breaks down the facts about CBD. Then – Rachael serves up pasta with sausage, peppers and broccolini!

Jul. 9 at 10am
'American Pie’s Jason Biggs’ Better Half, Jenny Mollen is Sharing Her Wellness Tips! Plus – a Dog Who Lost 100 Pounds!' HD

American Pie’s Jason Biggs’ better half, Jenny Mollen is sharing her wellness tips! And – we’re giving a woman who lost 175 pounds a new wedding dress and a vow renewal in the studio. Plus – a dog who lost 100 pounds! Then – a healthy corn chowder and Thai shrimp.

Jul. 10 at 10am
'Rachael is Home, and It’s Burger Night! Then – Christopher Kimball is Making an Instant Pot White Bean Salad!' HD

Rachael is serving up an all-new burger recipe from her home kitchen, with horseradish Russian dressing! Then – Christopher Kimball is sharing a white bean salad you can make in your instant pot!

About the Show

Don’t just talk—Taste, Touch, Do! Anyone with a huge appetite for fun is invited to take a bigger bite out of life this year with a helping of the hottest daytime show on television, Rachael Ray.

Launching the 14th season of her namesake series, Rachael Ray continues to bring her warmth and no-fuss approach to life into the homes of millions with her signature quick meals, improvised entertaining, celebrity surprises, provocative topical discussions, cutting-edge musical performances and groundbreaking features. Credited with getting America back in the kitchen with her easy approach to cooking, Rachael takes this same philosophy—finding simple solutions to everyday problems—beyond the kitchen into all aspects of the show.

At Rachael Ray, the door is always open—and this season Rachael welcomes Hollywood’s hottest to join the fun and grab some grub. Rachael’s star-studded lineup will leave you wanting more because Rachael Ray shows a side of celebrity that can’t be found anywhere else. Then, Rachael hits the kitchen to create meals to suit every taste and budget. Rachael’s easy-to-follow recipes and clever kitchen tricks turn the inexperienced novice into confident cooks.