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Mike & Molly

Weeknights 6 & 6:30p, Sat & Sun 7p

Jul. 19 at 6pm
'Weekend with Birdie' HD

Mike brings home a stray Molly's dismay.

Jul. 19 at 6:30pm
'Shoeless Molly Flynn' HD

Molly needs to adjust her spending habits on shoes if she wants to maintain harmony in her marriage with Mike.

Jul. 20 at 7pm
'Molly Makes Soup' HD

When Vince tries to strike up a friendship with Mike by inviting him to a big basketball game, Molly isn’t pleased with their newfound bond.

Jul. 21 at 7pm
'Jim Won’t Eat' HD

Molly is surprised when Mike’s mom asks her to take care of her beloved dog while she has surgery.

Jul. 22 at 6pm
'Baby, Please Don’t Go' HD

Molly brings home a homeless & pregnant former student.

Jul. 22 at 6:30pm
'They Shoot Asses, Don’t They?' HD

After being shot during a robbery, Mike decides he needs to live every day like it’s his last.

Jul. 23 at 6pm
'The Wreck of the Vincent Moranto' HD

Mike is upset with Vince over a do-it-yourself project.

Jul. 23 at 6:30pm
'What Molly Hath Wrought' HD

Molly takes a job as a forklift driver at Vince’s warehouse.

Jul. 24 at 6pm
'Baby Bump' HD

Molly reunites Frannie with her estranged sister.

Jul. 24 at 6:30pm
'Mike & Molly’s Excellent Adventure' HD

Molly is determined to get Mike out of his routine and encourages him to embrace anything they want in life. They try new things together, until reality sets in and it’s time to pay the bill.

Jul. 25 at 6pm
'The Adoption Option' HD

The adoption agency pays a home visit.

Jul. 25 at 6:30pm
'Weekend at Peggy’s' HD

Following a dramatic argument with Joyce over money, Mike and Molly move into Mike’s childhood room at Peggy’s.

About the Show

Mike & Molly is a comedy about a working class Chicago couple who find love in the most unlikely of places. Officer Mike Biggs is an easy-going cop who's found his perfect match in Molly Flynn, an instantly likeable fourth-grade teacher with a great sense of humor. This ability to laugh through life is indispensable for Molly, who still lives at home with her over-indulgent sister, Victoria and smart-talking mother, Joyce. Sharing the crowded house with a smile proves even more challenging for Mike. It's no wonder, he seeks the companionship of his CPD partner, Officer Carl McMillan, a fast-talking wise-guy who still lives with his grandma and their friend, Senegalese waiter Samuel, whose dry wit and diner food keeps both cops fed and in their place. Between Joyce's lascivious fiancé Vince, Mike's cantankerous mother, Peggy, her scruffy dog Jim and the entire opinionated crowd of family and friends, Mike and Molly somehow find their own little haven of happiness.