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How I Met Your Mother

Weeknights 4:30 & 10:30p, Saturday 7:30p, Sunday 1p

Jul. 19 at 4:30pm
'Atlantic City' HD

Marshall and Lily drag the gang to Atlantic City to elope.

Jul. 19 at 10:30pm
'Weekend at Barney’s' HD

After Ted and Jeanette break up, Barney helps Ted get a new girl using the playbook that Robin thought he destroyed.  Lily takes Marshall to an art opening where he gets unwanted attention.

Jul. 20 at 7:30pm
'Miracles' HD

Ted breaks up with Stella, and then is involved in a car accident; Ted rethinks his actions, and tries to win her back; Barney shows his true colors, and Marshall and Robin debate the existence of miracles.

Jul. 21 at 1pm
'Big Days' HD

Ted and Barney vie for “dibs” on a woman at the bar who might be Cindy’s roommate—and Ted’s future bride; heartbreak prompts Robin to pig-out on junk food; Marshall tells his dad that he and Lily are going to start a family.

Jul. 22 at 4:30pm
'Slap Bet' HD

Robin’s aversion to malls piques Ted’s interest as to what secret she is hiding.

Jul. 22 at 10:30pm
'How Lily Stole Christmas' HD

Harsh words exchanged between Ted and Lily nearly ruin Christmas.

Jul. 23 at 4:30pm
'Single Stamina' HD

Barney’s gay brother arrives for a visit as Barney is struggling with the fact that his closest friends have settled into relationships.

Jul. 23 at 10:30pm
'The Time Travelers' HD

Ted and Barney meet future versions of themselves when Barney tries talking Ted into accompanying him to “Robots vs. Wrestlers;” Marshall is shocked to discover that the bar named a drink after Robin.

Jul. 24 at 4:30pm
'The Ashtray' HD

Ted gets an unexpected call from his old nemesis the Captain that causes Lily and Robin to recall the last time they ran into him; Lily gets a job.

Jul. 24 at 10:30pm
'The Fortress' HD

Barney decides to give up his bachelor pad so he can move into a new apartment with Robin; Lily’s new job with the Captain keeps her from spending time with Marshall.

Jul. 25 at 4:30pm
'First Time in New York' HD

Robin tries to keep her teenage sister from having sex, which prompts everyone to recall their own first sexual experience.

Jul. 25 at 10:30pm
'The Bro Mitzvah' HD

Barney’s bachelor party—his “bro mitzvah”—turns into a nightmare when he discovers that the stripper his friends hired is none other than his ex-fiancee, Quinn Garvey; Robin gets stuck having dinner alone with Barney’s mother, Loretta.

About the Show

Using a clever framing device, How I Met Your Mother is a story told in flashbacks as Ted Mosby sits down in the year 2030 to tell his son and daughter the events, starting in 2005, that led to his meeting their mother. The series holds back the identity of the woman who is their mother with the mystery to be solved in the show’s final episode.