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How I Met Your Mother

Weeknights 4:30 & 10:30p, Saturday 7:30p, Sunday 1p

May. 26 at 1pm
'Dowisetrepla' HD

The honeymoon is over when Lily and Marshall decide to buy an apartment; not only do they make every mistake in the book, but Marshall also discovers Lily's dirty little financial secret when they apply for a loan.

May. 27 at 4:30pm
'How Your Mother Met Me' HD

In a series of flashbacks we see how “The Mother” meets Ted. There are a number of missed connections, where Ted meets The Mother’s roommate, Cindy, instead of her, and a brief sighting where he accidentally walks into her economics class. Unbeknownst to both of them, they’ve shared friends and acquaintances throughout the years and it’s all been leading up to their first meeting...

May. 27 at 10:30pm
'The Naked Truth' HD

Marshall worries that a background check will cost him a job with one of the nation’s largest environmental law firms; Barney vows not to leave a restaurant until Nora agrees to go on a second date; Ted must pick a date for the Architect’s Ball.

May. 28 at 4:30pm
'Sunrise' HD

It’s the eve of the wedding and while Barney is missing in action, Ted and Robin take a walk on the beach and he makes a confession. Marshall finds out that his hotel room is haunted by the ghost of Captain Dearduff, which causes a number of other ghosts to come out of the woodwork. Meanwhile, Barney stumbles upon two hapless young men and takes them under his wing.

May. 28 at 10:30pm
'Ducky Tie' HD

If Barney wins a bet, he’ll get to touch Lily’s “pregnancy breasts,” but if he loses, he’ll have to wear a necktie covered with ducks for a year; Ted tries to patch things up with his old flame, Victoria.

May. 29 at 4:30pm
'Rally' HD

When Barney suffers from the world's worst hangover the morning of his wedding, the gang tries to figure out the far-fetched ingredients to concoct the Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir.

May. 29 at 10:30pm
'The Stinson Missile Crisis' HD

After attempting to break up Barney and Nora’s relationship, Robin recounts how Ted grew fearful of losing his two best friends after Lily became pregnant.

May. 30 at 4:30pm
'Vesuvius' HD

It’s the morning of the wedding and Ted attempts to help Barney suit up for the most important day of his life. Meanwhile, Lily is disappointed that Robin doesn’t seem to be appreciating the significance of this day and is impatiently waiting for her to have the customary wedding day freak-out.

May. 30 at 10:30pm
'Field Trip' HD

Ted’s class field trip goes awry; Robin begins dating her therapist; Marshall grows despondent when Garrison Cootes accepts a small settlement from a big corporation that polluted a lake.

May. 31 at 4:30pm
'Daisy' HD

Marshall is shocked when he finds out whom Lily met up with on the night of their big fight when she stormed out of the hotel. And Robin is worried when Barney exhibits some of the same behavior her father did on the day of his wedding to her mother.

May. 31 at 10:30pm
'Mystery Vs. History' HD

Ted and a woman he’s about to date agree not to research each other online; while painting the baby’s bedroom, Marshall and Lily tell their friends they’ve decided to keep the baby’s gender a mystery.

Jun. 1 at 7:30pm
'Spoiler Alert' HD

Ted thinks he has found the perfect girlfriend; but when the gang finds a fatal flaw in his new love, all of their own quirks become glaring and irksome… causing a heated exchange of barbs among the group.

About the Show

Using a clever framing device, How I Met Your Mother is a story told in flashbacks as Ted Mosby sits down in the year 2030 to tell his son and daughter the events, starting in 2005, that led to his meeting their mother. The series holds back the identity of the woman who is their mother with the mystery to be solved in the show’s final episode.