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How I Met Your Mother

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Nov. 18 at 10:30pm
'Cleaning House' HD

Whiling cleaning out his mother’s house, Barney discovers evidence that Bob Barker may not be his real father; Ted worries that Robin oversold his strong points to a potential hot date.

Nov. 18 at 11:30pm
'The Chain of Screaming' HD

When his boss verbally berates Marshall, he questions whether or not the decision to work for a big corporate law firm was his best career move.

Nov. 19 at 10:30pm
'Unfinished' HD

Barney tells Ted that Goliath Bank might approve his architectural design for a new building; after Robin reestablishes contact with Don by phone, Lily attempts to get Robin to delete Don’s number from her cell phone.

Nov. 19 at 11:30pm
'Sandcastles in the Sand' HD

A smitten Robin gets back together with an old flame who hurt her in the past; after the loser crushes her again, Barney, in his own inimitable style, helps her realize that she is awesome.

Nov. 20 at 10:30pm
'Subway Wars' HD

When the gang finds out that a New York celebrity is dining at a downtown restaurant, Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney make a bet as to who will get to the restaurant first.

Nov. 20 at 11:30pm
'The Goat' HD

After breaking the “Bro Code,” a guilt-ridden Barney must deal with the lasting repercussions; Lily saves an animal from slaughter, and Ted prepares for a milestone birthday.

Nov. 21 at 10:30pm
'Architect of Destruction' HD

Ted has second thoughts about designing a building for Barney’s bank after discovering it will replace an existing architectural landmark that Zoey wants preserved; Robin leaks word that her new beau is not well endowed...causing problems in the bedroom between Marshall and Lily.

Nov. 21 at 11:30pm
'Rebound Bro' HD

When Ted tells the gang Stella's intimate secret, he must face the consequences of breaking her trust; and Barney searches for a new bro to replace Ted as his wingman.

Nov. 22 at 10:30pm
'Baby Talk' HD

Robin discovers that her ditzy co-anchor has been dating Ted; Marshall and Lily attempt to pick a name for the baby.

Nov. 22 at 11:30pm
'Everything Must Go' HD

To pay for the floors in their new apartment, Marshall wants Lily to sell her designer clothes, but she tries to sell her paintings instead; and Barney’s mysterious blonde woman reappears.

Nov. 23 at 7:30pm
'The Sweet Taste of Liberty' HD

Barney talks Ted into going to the airport with him, to pick up girls.  The friends follow two girls to Philadelphia, but get picked up by security because of their suspicious behavior.  Lily is upset when Robin gets all the male attention at their girls’ night out.

Nov. 24 at 1pm
'The Return Of The Shirt' HD

Ted reconnects with an old flame, wondering if he’s now ready for a relationship with her.  But the girl remembers how he dumped her on her birthday, and isn’t happy to hear from him again.  Barney pays Robin to say inappropriate things on the air. 

About the Show

Using a clever framing device, How I Met Your Mother is a story told in flashbacks as Ted Mosby sits down in the year 2030 to tell his son and daughter the events, starting in 2005, that led to his meeting their mother. The series holds back the identity of the woman who is their mother with the mystery to be solved in the show’s final episode.