Through the Decades


Weekdays 6a & 4p

Dec. 10 at 4pm
'Secret Lives' HD

Missing wife. Grieving husband. Turns out, both have secrets. After Jen Ramsaran disappears just before Christmas, detectives uncover surprising secrets of betrayal. Does her online life hold the key to this mystery or is the answer closer to home? 

Dec. 11 at 4pm
'Against All Odds' HD

It all started with a crime that police could not even believe: a girl was shot in the head and left for dead by a killer who fled. Despite the odds, she fought hard to stay alive while a detective vowed to crack the case, no matter how long it might take. 

Dec. 11 at 9pm
'New Normal' HD

Bad heroin is causing overdoses in Chicago, and Intelligence is a man down with Voight suspended. Antonio takes charge, but Ruzek undermines his authority. 

Dec. 12 at 4pm
'Justice for Bonnie' HD

When Bonnie Craig was found dead, police collected DNA, but it didn’t match anyone in the system. Then twelve years later, a hit, but the man was thousands of miles away and, as it turned out, prosecutors would need more than DNA to convict a killer. 

Dec. 13 at 4pm
'The Mystery on Horshoe Drive' HD

Steven and Jennifer Watkins had a baby but when their marriage fell apart, Jennifer’s family closed ranks. One day, Steven went to pick up his daughter and was never seen alive again. The question wasn’t what happened. It was who did it. 

About the Show

Dateline is an award winning newsmagazine that delivers viewers stories ranging from compelling mysteries to powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations. Each episode incorporates the classic elements of drama and great storytelling: good guys, bad guys, conflict with the highest stakes, suspense and resolution.  Hear the chilling tales directly from those most affected and involved, including investigators tasked with cracking the cases and the families confronting tragedy. Natalie Morales serves as the principal anchor, joined by correspondents Andrea Canning, Keith Morrison, Hoda Kotb, Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy.