Dr. Sonia Batra

Dr. Sonia Batra is a co-host on the Emmy Award-winning talk show The Doctors and a board-certified dermatologist. Her interests in research and health policy led her to earn two Master’s degrees and be selected as the youngest Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, England.

Dr. Batra’s mission is to apply her background in research and public health to help her patients and viewers understand medical headlines. She is passionate about interpreting the constant stream of new and sometimes conflicting scientific data in ways that can be applied to real life. As a working parent, she also understands the importance of suggesting practical, healthy choices that are realistic when people are short on time or money.

She is grateful to be supported by a medical family – her father, mother, brother, and husband are all physicians! Her husband Sameer is a urologist and they are the proud parents of two children and a Havanese dog. Dr. Batra is also an avid reader and music lover, and she enjoys skiing and traveling with her family.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
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